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Toyota Supra MKIV Front 13in 6 Piston FSL6R Wilwood Big Brake Kit

Toyota Supra MKIV Front 13in 6 Piston FSL6R Wilwood Big Brake Kit
Toyota Supra MKIV Front 13in 6 Piston FSL6R Wilwood Big Brake Kit
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Front 13in 6 Piston FSL6R Big Brake Kit for the MKIV Toyota Supra.

This kit includes everything (except brake fluid, Teflon tape and tools) to make this a bolt on kit.

This is our Supra MKIV Front 6 Piston FSL6R 13 inch Wilwood brake kit. 

This kit includes the following:
-2 Wilwood, FSL6R radial mount caliper, color Standard Type III Hard Anodized (Gray)
-2 Wilwood, 13.06" dia, Spec 37 Rotors, (directional, curved vane) Black E-coated. (Wilwoods special Mil-Spec finish they do exclusively for Arizona Performance on all of our rotors).
-1 Set of (4 pads) BP-10's. (others available, see options a checkout)
-2 6061-T6 Caliper brackets, with grade 8 heat treated pressed-in threaded inserts.
-2 Rotor hats, (billet aluminum black anodized rotor hats with blind tapped holes to resist corrosion), all fasteners installed and torqued.
-4 7/16-20 Zinc Plated Grade 8 SHCS (Caliper Bolts)
-8 7/16" Flat Washers (Caliper and Bracket)
-4 7/16" Lock Washers (Caliper)
-4 M10x1 Zinc Plated Grade 10.9 SHCS (Caliper Bracket)
-4 M10x1 Bright Zinc Grade 10.9 Hex Nuts (Caliper Bracket)
-4 M10 Lock Washers Bright Zinc Plated (Caliper Bracket)
-4 Thin Shim Washers, Zinc Plated (Caliper or Bracket), optional at installation, see instructions.
-16 5/16-18 Grade 8, Zinc Plated SHCS (Rotor Bolts)
-16 5/16 Lock Washers Bright Zinc Plated (Rotor Bolts)
-2 Brake line assemblies, (see details below)

The only thing you will need to complete the install on this kit is, Brake fluid, Teflon tape, and Tools.

Our kits are the product of years of racing experience. We selected the best bang for the buck when it comes to the Caliper and the Rotors, and have sourced, made or plated the very best for all of our other components.  We have paid close attention to every detail to ensure they fit perfectly. We've received numerous calls from shops commenting on the quality and ease of installation. 

Wilwood's FSL6R caliper uses much of the same proven technology but adds the feature of radial mounting and internally drilled transfer ports.  
The F: Stands for Forged
The SL: Stands for Superlight, as it uses the time and race proven Superlight series pad size.
The 6: Obviously stands for 6 pistons
The R: Stands for Radial mount.
For this caliper Wilwood expanded upon the technology that brought us the FSLI, and created a forged radial mount caliper with the same differential bore as the SL6 and included the same internally drilled transfer port, so this caliper still has a left and right based on the differential bore pattern, but also offers the ability to be mounted on teh front side or rear side of the axle.  The staggered bore applies a more even pressure on the back of the pad, this lends itself to a more consistent pressure and temperature across the pad to increase pad life.  This caliper at the brake pedal has a bit more positive feel the further it is pushed.  We have not tested this new caliper, side by side with any of the others, but with many of the same features as the SL6, and all the forged benefits of the FSLI, we feel the SL6 and the FSL6R should provide very similar performance.  Below is a comparison of the SL6 to the FSLI, until we can provide a head to head comparison for you.

We have tested this SL6 side by side with the FSLI caliper on the same vehicle, with almost the same tires.  The SL6 performed almost identically below 80 MPH.  When both cars had ABS and braked as hard as possible, for every 10 MPH over 80 MPH the SL6 calipers appeared to have approximately one car length advantage.  For example, at 100 MPH, the vehicle with SL6 calipers was one whole car length behind the FSLI caliper vehicle, and at 120 mph, the SL6's were 3 car lengths behind the other.  This was performed on a straight and level road and in each test both cars were slowed to 5 MPH or less. 

This SL6 caliper is a solid step above the 4 Piston FSLI calipers.  Unbelievable as it sounds, several customers have expressed this exact same sentiment.  The one customer said, "I love and hate your brakes."  I asked "Why" The customer said, "I spent untold amounts of money on my motor, and making my car fast, and when I take friends for ride, the item they are most impressed with is the brakes.  They all state, I had no idea any car could stop like that."  The customer went on to say "My friends tell me to make sure to show their friends how well those brakes work."  The customer(s) went on to say, "It really is depressing how much time and effort went into making my car fast, and how simple it was for me to make it stop."  

ROTORS: High performance braking is all about thermal mass. The greater the thermal mass, the better your brakes will work with respect to the rotors. We use Wilwood's race proven Spec 37 long grain proprietary alloy, cast iron rotors. Spec 37 rotors enjoy a superior thermal stability and have outperformed all other rotor brands with the longest wear and truest running. These are truly the finest and best performing racing rotors ever built. Do not confuse these with factory replacement or drilled and slotted rotors that are substandard aftermarket castings cast made of who-knows-what kind of material.  Any factory sized replacement rotor will heat soak just as fast or faster (if its drilled) and boil the brake fluid when used at high speeds.  Look for our FAQ for more details on why aftermarket replacement rotors don't work for racing.

PADS:  We sell Wilwoods BP-10 compound pads standard with all of our kits.  Other pads are available from us, just look for the options at checkout.  We have been in business for quite a while, and if you are an existing customer, we will beat anybody's prices on brake pads and replacement rotors, when and if you need them in the future.  We recommend you start with the BP-10 pads.  There are multiple reasons,
1. We would like to know how the BP-10's performed for you, as a measure to advise on your next set of pads. 
2. The rotors are not cheap, and pads that are too aggressive for your style of driving will chew up the rotors much faster than necessary.  With more aggressive pads, if they are not up to the proper operating temperature they will just destroy your rotors.
3. Pads that are too aggressive for your style of driving have several characteristics that are decidedly NOT for street driving.  The more aggressive racing pads can make an incredible amount of noise if not up to temp, also the low temp performance will definitely surprise you as they need quite a bit more pressure to work when cold.  Think of the first stop sign after you pull out of the garage.
4. BP-10's really are great pads, and perfectly suited for most driving and racing up to and over 150 mph.  We have had a few customers over-use or consume these pads in a 3-4 months, but not all of us race 99 minute enduros every other weekend.

BRAKE LINES:  All of our brake lines feature a tough clear plastic lining to resist wear to other near-by components, and permanent strain relief fittings on each end where the braided stainless steel line terminate into the AN-3 swivel fitting on each end. We include a -3 X 1/8-27 NPT male fitting, designed to fit perfectly into the back of each caliper, at the chassis end, we have a Toyota specific bulkhead connector designed to fit in the factory chassis mount perfectly.  They are designed to work with the factory spring-loaded C-clip on one end, and the factory (pickle fork shaped) retainer on the other end to provide a factory fit and finish, and for ease of removal for servicing and installation.

The Two lines in this kit are specifically matched to the vehicle they are installed on.  If applicable they include brake line guides that route and retain the brake line through the original factory retainers and hardline attach mounts.  Just give a good tug to reposition the grommets and fittings at installation, and after a period of time the grommets will take a set and become very difficult to reposition.

Each brake line assembly include the following fittings:
2  Fittings to attach the line to the Wilwood calipers (-3 X 1/8-27 NPT fittings).
2  Custom brake lines specifically matched to your vehicle.

We have thousands of race miles on our brake kits (Road Race, SCCA, Ultra 4, BITD, Baja 1000, Baja 500) and a close relationship with our racers.  We will be glad to share set up tips, and lessons learned.  In the off-road community some of our racers have over 6 (4+ hour) races on one set of pads, and the rotors are nowhere near being used up.  Do not mistake these as slightly better than the stock brakes, they are designed for racing, and happen to work well on the street.  The performance of these brakes will blow you away.  You will be able to race anyone way deeper into the corner than you ever imagined and laugh with confidence as you out brake them corner after corner.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions about race setup, bedding the brakes, installation or pad selection.

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