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Dana 60 Chevy Front 13in Wilwood Brake Kit

Dana 60 Chevy Front 13in Wilwood Brake Kit
Dana 60 Chevy Front 13in Wilwood Brake Kit
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This is our Dana 60 Chevy 4 piston 13 inch Wilwood brake kit.  

PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A MEASUREMENT, WE WILL NEED, if we have not already spoken on the phone about this kit.  Feel free to call or text us with any questions about these brakes.

This kit includes the following:
-2 Wilwood, FSLI calipers in Standard color, Type III Hard Anodized (Gray).
-2 Wilwood, 13.06" dia, Spec 37 Rotors, (directional, curved vane) Black E-coated. (Wilwood's special Mil-Spec finish they do exclusively for Arizona Performance).
-1 Set of (4 pads) BP-10's. (others available, many in stock)
-2 Zinc plated Caliper brackets, specifically designed for 6 stud Chevy knuckles.
-2 Rotor hats, (billet aluminum black anodized rotor hats with extra deep tapped blind holes).
-4 Caliper shims, (2 thin, 2 thick)
-4 Spindle shims, (2 thin, 2 thick)
-8 Anti-Rotation Plates, (each retains two fasteners,and eliminates the need for safety wire on the rotor bolts).
-8 Caliper bolts, lock washers and flat washers.
-16 Rotor bolts, retained by anti-rotation plates mentioned above.
-2 Brake line assemblies, (see details below)

The only thing you should need to complete the install on this kit is, Brake fluid, Teflon tape, and Tools.

Our kits are the product of years of racing experience. We selected the best bang for the buck when it comes to the Caliper and the Rotors. 

CALIPERS:  We selected Wilwood's time proven FSLI calipers, these calipers have enjoyed almost two decades of refinement, in the Superlight family.  FSLI stands for Forged SuperLight Internal. 
"FORGED" Each body is stress-flow forged from premium grade aluminum alloy billets. Stress-flow forging re-aligns the metal's internal grain structure to flow within the contour of the caliper body. This process eliminates the stresses and interruptions to the internal grain structure that occur when machining a straight block of forged billet material. Simply stated, there is no better way to build a stronger aluminum caliper body, including the monoblock design.  See our FAQ. 
"SUPERLIGHT" The Superlight family enjoys a spotlight in the racing community like no other caliper in the world.  This caliper size is so popular, more than 4 different companies make pads that fit this caliper.  You could almost say it has become an industry standard, as the early racers and many of the classes that provide stepping stones to racing NASCAR have all used this caliper in one variant or another. 
"INTERNAL"  Short for, Internally Drilled Transfer Port.  The earlier designs of this caliper used an external hard "brake line" (if you will) to supply brake fluid/pressure to the outboard pistons (commonly called a transfer tube).  This forced the previous versions of this caliper to be a specific left or right caliper.  By using an internally drilled port transfer port, and using the original location for that port to install another set of bleeders, Wilwood was able to make this a "Left/Right Identical" part and decrease part numbers, build complexity, and cost.  Owing its roots to a rich heritage in racing this caliper has enjoyed a long history of bringing quality, value, features and ultimately performance to its customers.  We believe this caliper is honestly the very best value of any entry-level high performance racing brake caliper offered by any other manufacturer in the aftermarket automotive racing industry.  Based on its location in our lineup, don't let the price fool you, 90% of our customers that campaign a dedicated race vehicle run our 4 piston FSLI lineup.  4 Piston FSLI calipers are several steps above any of the competition offering much thinner and bigger diameter front rotors, and several pounds lighter than OEM replacement parts, further reducing un-sprung weight. 

ROTORS: High performance braking is all about thermal mass. The greater the thermal mass, the better your brakes will work with respect to the rotors. We use Wilwood's race proven Spec 37 long grain proprietary alloy, cast iron rotors. Spec 37 rotors enjoy a superior thermal stability and have outperformed all other rotor brands with the longest wear and truest running. These are truly the finest and best performing racing rotors ever built. Do not confuse these with substandard aftermarket castings, factory replacement castings, or laser cut thin rotors (used in the rock crawling community) that will heat soak very quickly and boil the brake fluid when used at high speeds.  Look for our FAQ for more details on why thin or aftermarket cast rotors don't work for racing.

PADS: We sell Wilwoods BP-10 compound pads standard with all of our kits.  Other pads are available from us, just look for the options at checkout.  We have been in business for quite a while, and if you are an existing customer, we will beat anybody's prices on brake pads when and if you need them in the future.  We recommend you start with the BP-10 pads.  There are multiple reasons,
1. We would like to know how the BP-10's performed for you, as a measure to advise on your next set of pads. 
2. The rotors are not cheap, and pads that are to aggressive for your style of driving will chew up the rotors much faster than necessary if not up to the proper operating temperature.
3. BP-10's really are great pads, and perfectly suited for most driving and racing.

BRAKE LINES:  All of our brake lines feature a tough clear plastic lining to resist wear to other near-by components, and permanent strain relief fittings on each end where the braided stainless steel line terminate into the AN-3 swivel fitting on each end. We include a -3 X 3/8-24 female inverted flare "bulkhead fitting", designed to fit perfectly into our included weld-on chassis tabs, and include the spring loaded clip to provide for ease of removal to aid with welding and servicing.

The Two lines in this kit are 12 inches long, and the assemblies include the following fittings:
2  fittings to attach to the Wilwood calipers (-3 X 1/8-27 NPT fittings).
2  Bulkhead fittings (-3 X 3/8-24 female inverted flare hardline adapters) Metric available upon request.
2  Weld on tabs. (on custom axles, locate/weld this as needed, to eliminate bind as steering is cycled).
2  Retainer clips, (this retains the bulkhead fitting in the weld on tab).

We have thousands of race miles on these brakes (Ultra 4, BITD, Baja 1000, Baja 500) and a close relationship with our racers.  We will be glad to share set up tips, and lessons learned.  Some of our racers have over 6 races on one set of pads, and the rotors are no where near being used up.  Do not mistake these as slightly better than the stock half ton brakes you get from Napa or Autozone.  The performance of these will blow you away.  You will be able to dive in underneath anyone with confidence.  Race anyone way deeper into the corner than you ever imagined and laugh with confidence as they catapult right through the corner you navigate with ease. 

Feel free to call us if you have any questions about race setup, bedding the brakes, installation or pad selection.

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